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This is not your normal industry lease purchase program with gouge pricing, strict maintenance guidelines and high escrows. Not at all! Our program is inexpensive, no risk, no money down and flexible. We don’t make money on the truck, but on the freight you pull with it.

If you have been wanting to try the owner operator life but don’t have the credit and/or you don’t want a bank “locking” you in, then we are your “risk free” answer….if you are dependable and willing to run between the Midwest and the East Coast. These trucks vary in make, model, mileage and age- all priced accordingly at about 25% under retail prices. In other words, you can pay wholesale price for your truck and save thousands! Depending upon the truck you choose, you can own it in 1-3 years…or walk away at any time. It doesn’t get any more risk free than that.

Our lease purchase drivers are treated the same as our outright owner operators with choice of loads, 3 day settlements, maintenance support etc. (See Owner Operator tab for full listing). The only difference is that their banks want their payments no matter what…we understand and will work with you.

We are your perfect invitation to the owner operator world and listening is free. Call us and decide.

Lease Purchase